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Find out more about the police bikers you'll meet at our Rider Skills Days - the officers who'll share their riding skills with you.

  • Sergeant Mick Cheeseman

    Sergeant Mick Cheeseman

    You'll find Mick on his 954 Fireblade, VFR400 NC30 or, when it’s not raining,his ZXR400L9. But he wasn’t always so lucky. Mick started riding on a CZ175 trail bike, bought on HP over two years at £12 per month. "It was rubbish," he says. "The bike died long before I finished paying for it."

    Riding experience: 35 years

  • PC Andy Bevis

    PC Andy Bevis

    I’m just starting my 3rd year (December 2011) on the BikeSafe-London team and I’m enjoying every minute. The highlight so far has got to be delivering BikeSafe to British Forces based in Rheindahlen, Germany in April 2010.

    I’ve owned my trusty and reliable Honda CBF1000 for the past 4 years and have no immediate plans to change, as it’s such a good all rounder for commuting, touring and the odd ride out.

    I’m a keen follower of Moto GP and was delighted to have recently met Matt Roberts at The Ace in October and wish him “Bon Voyage” on his charity ride to the Valancia GP.

    Looking forward to meeting more riders on BikeSafe-London days and talking bikes over lunch. Be warned I sometimes go off topic as much to amusement of the team I’m also an enthusiastic festival goer and motor home owner, who always keeps an eye out for bikes sitting in my blind spots.

  • PC Colin Paris

    PC Colin Paris

    I have recently left behind my Triumph Sprint ST 1050 days and I am now 'cruising on the Queens highways' on my new Triumph Rocket 2.3 litre. It’s a strange thought that my bike has a bigger engine than my car!. I have recently purchased a Triumph Trident 950 as a winter hack but everyone keeps telling me it’s too good for that. As you can tell I love my Triumphs and flying the flag but in my biking life I have also had Suzuki’s and Honda's. When I am not working and do get the occasional day off, I am out and about up north on some truly glorious roads and I do try to get in a couple of European trips each year. What are the benefits of riding abroad…..let me think !…….O yes, No traffic jams, less traffic, gorgeous scenery, great food, biker friendly people and of course GREAT ROADS. If you have not gone abroad on your bike, put it on your list of things to do along with a BikeSafe course.

    Remember : BE SAFE, RIDE SAFE!

    Favourite UK ride: Bikers' Retreat, Wales

  • PC Brady Woodnick

    PC Brady Woodnick

    Having ridden since the age of twelve, early motocross years have moulded his like of trail style motorcycles. His collection of eleven British machines is now sitting alongside a KTM 990 Adventure. In Orange, of course.

    Favourite memory: Screaming Two Strokes!

  • PC Adrian Alsop

    PC Adrian Alsop

    Having resisted trading in the olde GS 1150 for something a little bit more modern, i.e. a GS 1200, triumph tiger or one of the latest water-cooled adventure bikes. (will I commit to a new bike next year) I am finding the bike I have if a little dated is still performing satisfactorily. Three main trips this year two to Italy one via Switzerland and one via Austria. But the most enjoyable was riding to the olde east Germany with my son to see Colditz castle and the museum there. There is something quite surreal about having a pint in the evening with your son, looking at the olde castle flood-lit, must mean I am getting older. Trips for next year? nothing planned...But probably a couple of small trips as its Olympic year and time off may prove difficult.

  • PC Philip Mason

    PC Philip Mason

    Phil's biking career started on a muck brown Yamaha SR125 - a bike he says was a lot like riding a lawnmower, only without the handling. After enduring an 18-year-old FJ1200 which always broke down, and a SV1000 which survived an off at the Nürburgring, Phil now rides a Triumph Tiger. "An excellent road bike," he says.

    First big bike: Suzuki GS500

  • PC Mick Best

    PC Mick Best

    Michael got his first motorbike aged 10 years old, a Honda 125cc XL motor cross bike. He has been riding ever since and passed his bike test in 2004. Since then he has owned a number of GSX-R’s and a Bandit 1200. As a keen track day enthusiast, Michael obtained an ACU licence in 2007. "I enjoy riding in Europe and my best biking moment was entering the Pyrenees last year".

    Current Bike: Suzuki GSX-R 750 K9

  • PC Ian Hadcocks

    PC Ian Hadcocks

    Ian started riding in 1975 on a used example of the infamous ‘Fizzie’ (Yamaha FS1E). An enthusiasm for British motorcycles guaranteed that his early mileage was low, but his bike maintenance skills developed rapidly. Despite marriage, mortgage and children he always managed to keep a motorcycle in the garage. And today he enjoys all types of motorcycling – particularly touring and occasional knee-down track days.

    Traffic division experience: 20 years

  • Dave Walker

    Dave Walker

    I started riding motorcycles late in life, and took my test some 14 years ago. During this time I’ve owned several Kawasaki’s including a ZX12-R. It truly is as fast as the book says. After having my fun on several sports bikes, I decided that the time had come to slow down a bit. I’m now riding a BMW 1200 GSA, and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it, and try to book several trips each year to various places. Last year I was fortunate to be one of the Olympic Torch Relay Motorcyclists and escorted the Olympic Torch around the Country. I also completed the Police Off Road Motorcycle Course and have a KTM 525EXC which I use for Green Laning.

  • Stacey Phelps

    Stacey Phelps

    I've been riding for the past 15 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed all the licence killers money can buy. I had to let my last ZZR1400 go after I realised that going "Back To The Future" every time I threw my leg over it wasn’t conducive to a healthy career in the Police. I currently own an R1 which I managed to sneak into the garage whist the wife was out shopping!

    I joined the Police in 1990. Leaving London to become a New Zealand Police motor cycle traffic officer in 2006. I returned back to the Met in 2010, returning to the Traffic Unit. As a new “boy” on the team here at BikeSafe-London, I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with like minded people.

  • Dave Spickernell

    Dave Spickernell

    I have been riding motorcycles for 35 years competing in motocross as a school boy and moving on to my first road bike a FS1E. I have been riding Police Motorcycles for the last ten years. I also compete in Enduro on a KTM 450 EXC hoping to do the Red Bull Romanics this year if my fitness is good enough. My best bike trip was off road across Spain on my latest bike a GS1200 ADV